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Fast LogoThe Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) is an organization of families and professionals dedicated to finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome (AS) and related disorders through the funding of an aggressive research agenda, education, and advocacy. The Foundation is committed to assisting individuals living with Angelman Syndrome to realize their full potential and quality of life.


Click for the December 2010 Fast Newsletter for the latest developments finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome (AS).


Embarking on the mission to cure a genetic disorder requires the concerted efforts of a diverse, dedicated group of individuals. With leaders in the field of science, medicine, business, technology and entertainment, the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics is well poised to realize its mission.


Funding can help find a Cure:

Dr. Weeber, pictured above, uses a mouse model with Angelman Syndrome to combine a mutation in UBE3A with a mutation in another important protein (CamKII) to rescue severe neurological and motor defects in this model. For more details on this exciting research read the article in either Nature Neuroscience or Spectrum Magazine. While we still need to determine if the same rescue can occur in adult mice, this report alone suggests medications aimed at the CamKII pathway have potential to treat individuals with Angelman Syndrome.